A Philosophy of Conversation

Jim Benson
2 min readOct 11, 2022

A collaboration conversation with Jurgen Appelo and J.B. Rainsberger.

Some days working is a treat. Smart minds, creativity, and a challenging conversation.

In this episode (and the next four) of Collaborwocky, I sit down with Jurgen Appelo and J. B. Rainsberger, and we talk collaboration.

The first episode in our Lean Coffee was suggested by Jurgen, it is Philosophy of Conversation.

How do we collaborate? How do we communicate? How do we create value together. This is the first of five short conversations. The three J’s discuss what makes a good conversation…arguably the central action of any collaboration. How do we communicate with each other?

Thanks to Lean Coffee Table for providing the structure for these conversations.

Jim Benson is at https://modusinstitute.com

Jurgen Appelo is at https://jurgenappelo.com/

JB Rainsberger is https://www.jbrains.ca/

The Collaboration Equation Book: https://collaboration-equation.com

About Jim Benson

Jim Benson is an award-winning Lean and Agile systems designer. He is the creator of Personal Kanban and Lean Coffee. He is the co-author (with Tonianne DeMaria) of the best seller: Personal Kanban.

His newest book The Collaboration Equation just hit the shelves in Sept. 2022.

His other books include Why Limit WIP, Why Plans Fail, and Beyond Agile.

He is a winner of the Shingo Award for Excellence in Lean Thinking and the Brickell Key Award. He and Tonianne teach online at Modus Institute and consult regularly, helping clients in all verticals create working systems. He regularly keynotes conferences, focusing on making work rewarding and humane.



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